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With no!no! there’s no pulling, tearing or scraping, just a slow, smooth glide that gently and easily removes hair. Designed for simplicity, familiar red and green signal lights let you know when you’re using it correctly. Compact and comfortable, no!no! is a cute little handheld device that you can take and use almost anywhere – at home, at the office or on the road!

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Scam!! No matter what they say it does not work and you will not get your money back. Check the facebook page and all you will see are a few raves like ‘just got it and it works great’. Well they claim it takes time to work so this patently false. When you write an actual review they delete it.

I used the system for the time required, they insisted that if I used it correctly it should have worked. It did not! Please do not waste your time or your money. You will not get your money back! When you call for the return the operators insist that either the product was not used correctly or more time is needed. No refund.


It sucks! I was excited about it & it did nothing but hair came back. I wish i would have look over the reviews then spending money on a product that doesn’t work.

Dawn arnett

The skin around my mouth is splitting open in little tears.
A simplest wash with a wash cloth tears open my skin!
This is because of the no no! Do not use!

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