Wong To Yick – Wood Lock Medicated Oil – External Analgesic

  • Temporary relief of pain
  • Soothes muscles and joints
  • Can relieve tension headache
  • Good for tightness in muscles
  • Massage into affected area for best results

Wood Lock Medicated Oil is a formulation that provides temporary relief of pain and tension associated with arthritis, muscles aches and cramps. It can also be useful for flu symptoms such as nasal congestion.


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This is my second bottle of this stuff. It might only be a placebo, but I enjoy using it on my achy joints.


Woodlock oil is very helpful for pain. I find the scent more appealing than most of the over the counter pain lotions. A little goes a long way.


Wood Lock Medicated oil for external use.
Ihave found this to workon the pain in knees ass well ankles or feet.
It is very soothing when you apply it to the pain.
I have been using this product for many years and have found relief each time I have used it.

Simon Nguyen

Dear Mr./Miss – please guide me how to order this medicated oil online.

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